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Chloe Fern Latham Mason

UX Designer, passionate about social change and creating a better world for everyone who is in it!
About Me

When the pandemic hit I was unsure about where my talents belonged and what I wanted to do with my life. After graduating with a Bachelors' of Fine Arts in Theatre during the Spring of 2020 my options for work were limited. So, I did what any recent grad would do and had a quarter-life crisis. During that time I found myself working in healthcare for my local Optometrist office. I found myself questioning where my skills fit in and what it was I wanted to accomplish. I knew I wanted to continue helping people but I also wanted to be more creative. Then I found UX Design. It immediately felt like I had found my calling. Through the User Experience Design Immersive at General Assembly, I learned how to finetune my skills and trust the process that this is where I belong. Coming out of the Immersive I am so excited to be launching into my career as a UX Designer.


In my free time, I enjoy hiking, spending time with friends, cooking, and baking! Most weekends I can either be found outdoors, looking for a new recipe to try out, or waiting for the new season of the Great British Bake Off to release. Before the pandemic hit I was fond of traveling and spent some time abroad in London for a few months, I hope to be able to start traveling again when the pandemic calms down a bit. For now, I am making do with the great outdoors in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Design Resume
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